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Birmingham Bach Choir is a large chamber choir singing a glorious variety of music, from large works with orchestra to intimate a cappella songs and motets, and everything in between, from the earliest to the most recent, and always aiming for the highest standards we can achieve – do look at our repertoire lists: Click here to whet your appetite! We have some wonderful programmes lined up for the next few years and are planning a tour to Krakow for 2024, circumstances permitting. If that sounds good, come and start rehearsing with us when we start our next programme!


New Year is approaching – with new opportunities for choral singing! In January, we begin rehearsing Rachmaninov’s Liturgy of St John Chrysostom for a concert on Saturday 1st April in Birmingham, which is going to be a real treat. If you’re thinking you might like to join us, be ready to start rehearsals on Wednesday 11th January, with auditions on Wednesday 1st February – and if you’re not sure it’s for you, come along anyway at the beginning of term for a week or two to see what goes on: no obligation at all! Seeing and hearing first hand is the best way to find out, after all… and if you like what you see and hear, after a few weeks you can attend an auditions session. The auditions are very short and friendly, all over and done with before you know it, so don’t be put off by the idea!


Just email the Choir Secretary at so we can make arrangements, answer any questions and make sure you have all the details you might need. Please make sure that mention your voice part (SATB and whether first or second) – at the moment, second altos, and tenors and basses, are especially welcome.


We offer special subscription rates for full time students and singers aged 25 and under – see our FAQs for details.


Our FAQ sheet includes all the essential details you need to know about singing with the choir – please Download our information sheet. There is more information on auditions below, but please get in touch if you have other questions about membership.


This is the feedback we received from one recent first-time visitor:


"I thought you might like to hear my reaction to the rehearsal I attended earlier this week. In a word, brilliant! It was so refreshing to see the whole choir listen and respond to the conductor throughout the rehearsal. I would like to apply for an audition".




Auditions consist of:

• Scales to test range

• A simple aural test - pick a note out of a chord

• Singing a piece of your own choice

• Sight reading


Further details can be downloaded by following the link to Choir Audition Guidance


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